It’s embarrassing but true — I had been secretly hoping that non-dual teachings would save my arse. I had been hoping for a miracle and decided that the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to me.

I had no evidence at all of this. The cash flow from my love on non-dual teachings and spirituality in general was in one direction only: from my account to the teachers’ purses.

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I know this sounds very harsh, but please bear with me. If you are blaming trading losses on Cryptos on Elon Musk, you do not understand trading and risk.

In the markets, anything can happen at any time. When you speculate on the price of something — from crypto to gold to indicies — you must do so with the understanding that anything can and will happen. The market will not protect you, it will do the opposite, it will find all your weakness and ignorance and exploit them mercilessly. You have to know how to control risk yourself. …

I keep finding goals that I don’t want to have.

I am so used to my miserable failure, used to getting nowhere, used to pointless relationship. It’s so comfortable. I am so deadened to all of it.

The task ahead of me immense. But it can’t be immense. It can only be one thing at one time and nothing is immense in a moment. What I mean is that I need to do a lot — even that sticks because a voice says to me ‘don’t bother — it’s too late for you and nothing you do works anyway.’ There…

I live part-time in the little blue hut that is just as I always wanted.

A year ago, I started using the Sedona Method goals process for real. It wasn’t that I hadn’t taken the previous rounds seriously — I had — but this time, I was facing a serious financial situation: I was running out of money and I wanted to build up my business rather than get a job. …

Well I knew the idea would work. The more amateurs I saw piling into crypto, the more certain I became. It looks so easy from the outside — to trade and make a packet. Lots of people will do exactly that. Lots won’t.

And for the ones who don’t, it really hurts. The pain comes from it looking so easy. The feeling that is ‘if only I had ….’. Newspaper reports, Twitter account and Medium essays describing making easy money — many multiples of the original investment just drive the knife in deeper. It becomes an obsession. You cannot avoid…

There are no boundaries to what I can do or have? What comes up? ‘Oh this is silly!’ Of course there are boundaries. Life would be no fun without death and choices.

I am going to die, so what should I do?

Nature and animals come to mind. A solitary city stopped working for me. I could feel that I was trying to earn my way out of a life that I didn’t want. But I wasn’t earning anything, which meant that I was living a life I didn’t much want simple because it was a habit. Had there been…

Don't look at them! Don't ask for unfiltered pictures - that will never happen, unless they see a profit in it. YOU are in control of where you place your attention so don't waste your life looking at plastic people. Definitely don't waste even more of it writing an essay about them. Exercise your freedom and do it by placing attention on that which feeds your soul.

Do the Sedona Method or follow any other non-dual teachings and discover that whatever labels our warped society puts on us, it cannot touch what we truly are, our innate value as living beings.

I am 54 and I like being older, despite what the media tells about how I should feel. I also generally find older people more interesting, better at friendship and generally more enticing than their younger counterparts. Nothing wrong with younger people, I just enjoy the shift of focus that happens as we age.

And I use the Sedona Method goals process to achieve it

The last two evenings have seen me devoid of subject matter. Could I — such as I am — have finally made it? Finally lost interest in me? What a joy.

I am hopeful. I am definitely not depressed (loss of interest in self is supposed to be a sign) but am active doing stuff and activities for people and projects.

Imagine the joy of taking my gaze off my own navel and living in the world, looking outwards and upwards. That is all I need to know.


And I use the Sedona Method goals process to achieve it

The rule is to go to bed at midnight — no matter what. It is midnight so this is…

Lesley Tarquin Towns

On a mission to help you turn financial losses into personal gains. I support people in recovering from financial mistakes and misfortunes.

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